It's Taken Almost 80 Years To Build The John A. Earl Company - Give Us 2 Minutes To Tell You About It -

Product Selection
We select only the products that best serve your needs. They are chosen because each performs its designated task - best. Five different manufacturers are represented in our equipment section alone. This policy is in high contrast to those distributors who offer only a single product line. When you purchase from us, you can be certain you're not settling for second best.

New Products
Cleaning technology is constantly improving. Our Company is dedicated to keeping pace with the times. New products are continually field tested, and if successful, are incorporated in our line. When we find a product that will improve your maintenance program - you'll be the first to know.

A Trained Sales Staff
Well-trained sales personnel are the backbone of any company - and we've got the best. Our sales representatives are thoroughly trained and always prepared to help you solve any maintenance problem. This is also true of all our people - those behind the scenes who process your orders, repair your equipment, and deliver your supplies.

Training Programs
Custodial training can make a big difference in the performance and productivity of your maintenance personnel. Since labor costs represent over 90% of your maintenance budget, that difference can mean a lot. We offer training programs on correct cleaning methods, materials, and equipment use and care. Our trained representatives will conduct seminars at your facility on any phase of cleaning and sanitation.

Show and Tell
You don't buy a "pig in a poke" when you deal with us. We want our customers to see what they buy - before they purchase. Our representatives are always ready to demonstrate at your facility, any product or piece of equipment in our line. Our showroom offers our customers a first-hand look at all our products and equipment.

A SSS Company
We offer our customers the advantage of dealing with a company that is a member of Standardized Sanitation Systems. The vast resources of the World Wide SSS Organization are available to you through us. Special products, sophisticated "know how", and lower prices are the dividends you receive when you place your confidence in a SSS Distributor.

Plans for the Future
Our only goal is to continue to provide you, our valued customer, with the finest products and service. We will adhere to this singular objective.